Why I’m Running

I am running for Secretary of State to maintain the integrity and accessibility of our voting system. I pledge to you that every eligible vote will be counted, and I will continue to pursue every avenue to make it as easy as possible for Nevada’s citizens to register and to access the polls as Nevada’s Secretaries of State have done before me. 

What They're Saying About Kate

"Kate is one of the most innovative and dedicated public servants ever."
-Franke Sue DelPapa, former Nevada Attorney General
"I support Kate Marshall because I know she will run her office like I run my business by adopting the best practices, streamlining procedures, and the use of digital technology to cut costs for Nevada taxpayers." 
-Brian Ayala, Las Vegas
"Marshall Knows Economics, Recovery, Jobs"
-The Nevada View EDITORIAL 6/22/11
"I support Kate Marshall because she'll stand up for Nevada families and workers when it comes to our jobs and pocketbooks."
-Rob Benner, sheet metal worker


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Recently POLITICO & The Wall Street Journal identified Nevada's Secretary of State race as one of the seats shadowy conservative groups (such as those funded by the Koch brothers) will have to play big in next year. From clamping down on your ability to register to vote, eliminating early voting, and limiting your access to the polls, they want to turn Nevada's election process into a partisan crusade. I will not let that happen.

By signing below you are joining our movement to maintain the integrity of our voting system in Nevada and to continue to pursue every avenue to give Nevada's citizens access to the ballot. Add your signature below.

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Friday October 31, 2014


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Friday October 31, 2014

Kate Marshall

"To help prepare parents for the forthcoming financial burdens of sending a child to college, Nevada State Treasurer, Kate Marshall, established the Nevada Kick Start Program last year."

Thursday October 30, 2014